Getting to know you…

Our creative process begins by getting to know you, the business owner. We listen and explore with you the known and the unknown factors of your business. We examine your mission statement and take in your ideas about how you want to be percieved by the public.

From there we put shape, color and style to all that you’ve told us. All the while keeping you as involved in the process as you wish to be. The end result is a product that accurately, authentically and creatively conveys the heart of your business.

An product created by SoundThought Graphics is a harmonious package that is unique to each individual client.

Brand Identity Kit

Every business or product needs an identity. It supports, expresses, communicates and visualizes your business on applications from business cards to websites, from advertising campaigns to signage. Brand identity increases awareness and builds businesses.

Graphic Design | Desktop Publishing

We also offer à la carte design services for established businesses and/or products. We offer a variety of options from business cards, letter head, envelopes, flyers, sell sheets, brochures, banners, door hangers and more.

Web Design

Having a web presence is essential in todays marketplace. It is an efficient means of publishing information about your business or product. It almost legitimizes your business.

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